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Christoph Lameter

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Christoph is current working in the financial industry on low latency applications. He has been contributing to various core kernel subsystems over the years and created much of the NUMA infrastructure in the Linux Kernel when he worked as a Principal Engineer for Silicon Graphics on adapting Linux for use in Supercomputers. Christoph is a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Linux Foundation, holds a Ph.D. in Theology on the subject of Quantum Theory and Divine action proposals. He has taught in the areas of Information Science and Technology as well as Philosophy and Religion.

Proposals for this user

* Magic in the Network: Multicasting, UDP and IGMP

The network layer can accomplish some amazing feats with the rarely used multicast features in the Linux kernel. Not only is it possible to send a single message to multiple recipients but the network is also dynamically reconfiguring itself to provide for your communication needs using IGMP. Some degree of independence from the IP addresses of the machines in the network can be accomplished. The network state becomes important and one does not communicate with hosts but with communication channels that every host can tie into. The network develops an intelligence in itself. It can discover new services, fall back dynamically and trigger actions on multiple hosts in a single message. All of these feats occur with a much higher speed than TCP.
Networking 06/17/2009
Christoph Lameter