Jesse Barnes


Jesse Barnes



Jesse is a long time Linux and open source developer. He’s worked on projects ranging from porting and scaling the Linux kernel to high end, SGI Itanium based servers, to graphics stack development on Intel chipsets.

Jesse currently works at Intel, doing Linux graphics stack development and maintaining the Linux PCI layer.

Proposals for this user

* Compositing, OpenGL, double-buffering, and dragons

Overview of the current state of compositor interfaces and their interactions with OpenGL double-buffering.
X Window System 06/16/2009
Ian Romanick, Jesse Barnes

* Merging KGDB, KDB and Kernel Mode Setting

Explain the current state of kgdb, kdb. Discuss the future architectural plans for combining kgdb, kdb and kernel mode settings and proposed advanced single stepping APIs.
General 06/18/2009
Jason Wessel, Jesse Barnes