Kristin Tufte

Kristin Tufte

Portland State University


Dr. Kristin Tufte, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor at PSU. She received her PhD is in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (2005). Dr. Tufte specializes in database and data stream systems. She has helped develop three research data management systems, including the Paradise parallel object-relational database, the NiagaraST data stream management system and the latte stream-archive data processing system. Dr. Tufte is also a Research Associate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering and has worked in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory at PSU since July 2005. In this role, Dr. Tufte has helped manage the PORTAL transportation data archive and led a project verifying the accuracy of travel time estimates for the Oregon Department of Transportation. Dr. Tufte has significant experience in the design and implementation of data management systems and data archives.

Proposals for this user

* PORTAL Case Study

A case study of the Portland Oregon Regional Transportation Archive Listing (PORTAL) database on PostgreSQL and Linux.
General 06/23/2009
Mark Wong, Kristin Tufte