K Wilson

K Wilson

Portland State University


K (Keith) Wilson worked in VLSI/ASIC and microprocessor
design prior to falling in league with eccentrics,
mathematicians and programmers as an MS student in
Computer Science at Portland State University.

Proposals for this user

* Challenges with Userspace USB Embedded Device Interfacing

It is compelling to integrate complex embedded systems with Linux USB userspace code. However, the complexity of userspace interface adds significant risk to the development cycle. Integrating a USB2.0 Isochronous mode ARM embedded system with Linux host software presents an end to end design challenge requiring not just a view of Linux from the 'inside' but also from the 'outside'. Some of the challenges Linux added to an already complex embedded system development will be presented, with some ideas to reduce the barries to entry and learning curve for embedded systems and host communication.
General 06/16/2009
Dave Camarillo, K Wilson