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I’ve been a FOSS developer for 10+ years. I started writing
kernel drivers when I got a motherboard with an unsupported
hardware monititoring IC (The Abit ┼│Guru).

End 2007 I wanted to do something for the greater good of Linux,
I decided to start working on webcam compatibility as many webcams
did have drivers floating around, but of mixed quality and most
where outside the mainline tree because they did decompression
of various cam specific format inside the kernel which was not
acceptable in the mainline kernel.

So I started working on getting drivers into the mainline kernel,
for which I soon joined forces with Jean-Francois Moine, who was at that time porting the usb webcam driver framework gspca to v4l2
and cleaning it up for the mainline kernel, and started rewriting existing drivers using that framework.

I’m probably best known in v4l land for libv4l, the userspace library I wrote to more or less transparently handle the decompression of many proprietary webcam video formats in userspace, fixing the decompression part of the problem.

Proposals for this user

* libv4l2 recent changes and future and v4l stream sharing

Last years libv4l2 presentation ended with a slide future with bullet points of features to be added, so where we stand today? And what will happen in the coming year?
General 06/09/2009
Hans de Goede, Brandon Philips

* video4linux stream sharing with a server daemon

Video devices currently can only be open by one process at a time. This makes it impossible to do necessary things like software auto-focus or recording video while using ekiga.
General 06/23/2009
Brandon Philips, Hans de Goede