Brandon Philips



Brandon is a Kernel developer at Novell/SuSE Labs. He has presented at several technical conferences in the past including FreedomHEC Taipei, Linux Plumbers Conf and Ignite Portland 2 . In his spare time he tinkers with electronics and software, bikes, hikes and builds robots. For more information checkout his site.

Proposals for this user

* libv4l2 recent changes and future and v4l stream sharing

Last years libv4l2 presentation ended with a slide future with bullet points of features to be added, so where we stand today? And what will happen in the coming year?
General 06/09/2009
Hans de Goede, Brandon Philips

* video4linux stream sharing with a server daemon

Video devices currently can only be open by one process at a time. This makes it impossible to do necessary things like software auto-focus or recording video while using ekiga.
General 06/23/2009
Brandon Philips, Hans de Goede