Jamey Sharp



Jamey Sharp was placed on Ritalin, briefly, in fifth grade. His interests and activities have been varied ever since. Today his day job involves a computer test for attention deficit disorder, but his biggest projects have been the Portland State Aerospace Society, XCB, and Serialist.

Proposals for this user

* Demystifying initramfs and ELF

We take an in-depth look at two kinds of startup procedures: the initramfs system, and the process of loading and executing ELF binaries.
Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces 06/22/2009
Josh Triplett, Jamey Sharp

* On predicting predictors: hacking archive formats for fun and prophecy

We aim to inform you about the archive formats you use every day. We will include an in-depth look at the tar, ar, cpio, gzip, bzip2, and deb formats, as well as the internals of the Git object store. Armed with this information, we will show you a practical application: removing the redundancy between files in version control and distributions of source and binaries.
Storage 06/22/2009
Josh Triplett, Jamey Sharp

* Unlikely tools for pair programming

Co-conspirators Jamey Sharp and Josh Triplett get up to a lot of miscellaneous hacking mischief together. Much of this hacking occurs while staring at the same screen, and tag-teaming the keyboard. Sometimes this happens with the two of them in different places. Learn how we manage this and why it's awesome.
General 06/22/2009
Josh Triplett, Jamey Sharp