A new V4L2 core framework: an overview and future plans



A new V4L2 core framework: an overview and future plans


In order to support the much more complex media hardware like the omap or davinci SoCs a new framework is needed. The initial ideas were formed during last year’s Plumbers and I will give an overview of what has happened since then.

During this year’s Plumbers we discussed the next phase: how to give embedded developers access to the hardware allowing them to control it optimally. I will present our plans to implement this. There will also be an overview of other proposals such as HDTV support.


  • Biography

    Hans Verkuil started contributing patches to the MPEG encoder/decoder ivtv driver in early 2004, took over as maintainer late 2005 with the goal of merging ivtv into the kernel, which was eventually merged in 2.6.22. Added the cx18 driver for the cx23418 Conexant MPEG encoder chip early 2008. Since that time he worked on a new V4L core framework.

    He lives in Oslo, Norway, working as an R&D software engineer at Tandberg Telecom AS developing both Linux and NIOS-based drivers.