DRBD 8.3 and Beyond



We aim for inclusion of DRBD 8.3 into Linux-2.6.32


I want to give insights into the challenges of a “shared nothing” clustering storage replication solution has deal with. Besides the challenges some of the methods and algorithms used in DRBD-8 might get presented: data generation UUDIs, resync-bitmap, the activity log, detection of conflicting writes and barrier semantics mapping. The features that became available with the release of DRBD-8.3 will of course be presented as well: device stacking, checksum based resync. Which can be used to set up disaster recovery nodes in addition to a conventional cluster. DRBD can also be used to implement the “follow the sun” model.


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    Philipp Reisner

    LINBIT HA-Solutions GmbH


    Philipp Reisner is CTO of LinBit Information Technologies GmbH in Vienna. He was born in 1975 in Vienna, Austria.
    During his studies of computer sciences at the Technical University in Vienna (TU Wien), CTO Philipp Reisner developed the cluster solution DRBD® that is in the meantime successfully used around the globe. Philipp is an internationally renowned OSS specialist, kernel programmer and eminent lecturer on high availability at international Linux events. Since computers don’t think, but are just machines, Philipp sees his task as developer in providing intelligent solutions for IT.