PORTAL Case Study

Scheduled: Friday, September 25, 2009 from 2:15 – 3:00pm in Salon AB


A case study of the Portland Oregon Regional Transportation Archive Listing (PORTAL) database on PostgreSQL and Linux.


The Portland Oregon Regional Transportation Archive Listing (PORTAL) is the official transportation data archive for the Portland metropolitan region. PORTAL is being developed at Portland State University (PSU) by students and faculty in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Metro, the City of Portland, TriMet and other regional partners. PORTAL contains almost one terabyte of transportation-related data for the Portland metropolitan region. The data includes freeway speed and volume data as well as incident, weather, transit and freight-related data. In addition to the data archive, PORTAL has a web site that provides dynamic, user-customizable graphs and reports for analyzing transportation including plots of congestion, bottlenecks, speed maps and incident analysis. Presented here is a performance study showing how PostgreSQL and Linux handle the demands of all the PORTAL archive and web site.


  • Kristin Tufte

    Portland State University


    Dr. Kristin Tufte, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor at PSU. She received her PhD is in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (2005). Dr. Tufte specializes in database and data stream systems. She has helped develop three research data management systems, including the Paradise parallel object-relational database, the NiagaraST data stream management system and the latte stream-archive data processing system. Dr. Tufte is also a Research Associate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering and has worked in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory at PSU since July 2005. In this role, Dr. Tufte has helped manage the PORTAL transportation data archive and led a project verifying the accuracy of travel time estimates for the Oregon Department of Transportation. Dr. Tufte has significant experience in the design and implementation of data management systems and data archives.

  • Mark Wong

    PostgreSQL Global Development Group


    Mark Wong’s experience includes benchmarking and analyzing performance of database systems.

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