Unified error reporting -- A worthy goal?

Scheduled: Thursday, September 24, 2009 from 10:45 – 11:30am in Salon AB


Discusses pro and cons of a unified mechanism to report platform


Modern hardware platforms have various error sources, including
chipsets, CPUs, memory, PCI-AER and others. Currently all of these (if they are reported) are reported in a ad-hoc fashion
to various different log files. This can can make it difficult
to write error analysis tools and backends and also cause
various other problems.
The talk will discuss the pros and cons of a possible unified
error reporting method for platform errors and how user
space infrastructure for it could look like.
This will discuss both existing code, some prototypes
and also some pie-in-the-sky.


  • Andi Kleen

    Intel Open Source Technology Center


    Andi Kleen worked on the Linux kernel longer than he can
    remember now. Originally he worked on networking,
    then later various areas. He spent severals years
    maintaining the x86-64 port and later the i386 architecture too. He also worked on NUMA, RAS, scalability and some other areas. He’s working
    for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center and lives
    in Bremen, Germany.

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