Remote Video Acceleration for X-Window System



It is a solution to enable remote video acceleration on libVA for X-Window. It adds remote playback feature for libVA but does not require video-decoding capability on the client side.


The current X-Window cannot support remote video playback efficiently without video streaming technology. However, video streaming requires the receiver side to have specific video decoder for video content. There are few streaming based video-playback solutions in a typical X-Window use scenario where X client and server are on different systems.

We are proposing a solution to distribute video playback task, and transmit common formatted data (RPC-like libVA message sequence) between two network ends. For the client, it only requires a GPU with a hardware video decoder core and corresponding driver. For the server, besides of the video content, it contains libVA and software video decoders used to invoke libVA. When a video file is playing back remotely, VA API sequence together with the source video data are transmitted from the server to the client over network. Then the client performs the hardware acceleration for video decoding/rendering.

The initiative of the proposal is to solve the video playback efficiency issue in various current remote desktop solutions.


libVA, video acceleration, remote desktop, video decoding


  • Biography

    Software engineer in IT-Flex in Intel. He has been worked on a Linux graphics driver validation and maintanence project for 2 years. He enjoys running and PC gaming.

  • Biography

    Software Engineer in Depart IT-Flex in Intel. He worked for Intel for 5 years after he graduated from the Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China as a Master of E.E. He currently works for a research project on some new Linux WiFi technologies.

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