Merging KGDB, KDB and Kernel Mode Setting

Scheduled: Thursday, September 24, 2009 from 10:00 – 10:45am in Salon AB


Explain the current state of kgdb, kdb. Discuss the future architectural plans for combining kgdb, kdb and kernel mode settings and proposed advanced single stepping APIs.


For years kdb, kgdb and various other kernel debuggers have lived in different worlds, with different development communities. The time has come to try and merge these technologies so as to use a common low level API (the kernel debug core).

This talk will explain the architectural differences between kgdb and kdb as well as to lay out a plan of how to combine the technologies to create a mostly architecture independent debugger.

The talk will also explain the challenges that remain for adoption of the remaining pieces of kgdb that live outside the tree today. The goal is to bring about awareness of the need for collaboration to continue to build an easy to use, robust kernel debugger, while not sacrificing kernel performance.

In the spirit of building something at the conference the Jesse and Jason will collaborate to try and get a prototype working in order to demonstrate kernel mode setting and debugging some portion of the kernel.


kgdb, kdb, kernel mode stetting


  • Great_wall_of_china_small

    Jesse Barnes



    Jesse is a long time Linux and open source developer. He’s worked on projects ranging from porting and scaling the Linux kernel to high end, SGI Itanium based servers, to graphics stack development on Intel chipsets.

    Jesse currently works at Intel, doing Linux graphics stack development and maintaining the Linux PCI layer.

  • Jason Wessel

    Wind River


    Jason is a long time Linux developer since the early 90’s. He has worked on a wide range of projects over the years spanning from web servers, proxies, and qemu, to kernel drivers and debuggers.

    Jason currently works at Wind River as a product architect for the WR Linux core runtime. He is also the current KGDB maintainer.

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