Locking issues on Clustering File Systems

Scheduled: Friday, September 25, 2009 from 10:40 – 11:25am in Salon E


open discussion on locking issue on clustering file systems, especially associated with fs/dlm code


User space clustering stack brings advanced and flexible cluster file systems (e.g. OCFS2), which involved in the usage of unified Distributed Lock Manager code in Linux Kernel (a.k.a fs/dlm).
This talk intends to invoke the open discussion on (but not limited to) DLM and clustering file system realted issues. For examples, the lock mastering expense, lock communication cost, dlm compatible issue between fs/dlm and OCFS2, deadlocking detection …


cluster file system, distributed lock manager, dlm, lock


  • Mark Fasheh

    SUSE Labs


    Mark Fasheh is a Linux kernel developer at SUSE Labs, and co-maintainer of Ocfs2 – the first cluster file system to be included in the Linux kernel. He has over six years experience with kernel internals, mostly in the area of file systems. Before his work as a developer, Mark was active in various Los Angeles area users groups.

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