Upstart 1.0

Scheduled: Thursday, September 24, 2009 from 2:20 – 3:05pm in Salon CD


Presenting Upstart 1.0


Upstart is an event-driven replacement init daemon used by Ubuntu, Fedora, Maemo and Palm WebOS. This talk presents information about Upstart 1.0: what’s new in that release and how far along the roadmap I am to it.


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    Scott James Remnant is a lead developer of the Ubuntu Linux distribution and the author of Upstart. He works for Canonical, the commercial sponsors of Ubuntu, and maintains the “plumbing” layer of the distribution.

    He’s been involved in a long line of different projects in the past, many of which are too embarrassing to appear in a Speaker Bio. However notable contributions include membership of the Debian Project where he maintained dpkg, and membership of the GNU Project where he was one of the maintainers of Libtool.

    In his spare time, he enjoys terrorising the English countryside by flying small planes.

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