Lazy boot

Scheduled: Thursday, September 24, 2009 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in Salon CD


The moral of the story is, we still load too much stuff, and it takes too long to do it. Users (and developers) want time to go down, while things continue to get more complicated. How can we sort that out?


Specialized distros, and stripped down default installs have resulted in impressive boot speeds; but what is a bog-standard distro to do? This talk examines some of the gains made to Fedora (and upstream) by improving what is done during boot, and what can be deferred for later.

For instance, why do we need to load sound drivers before we have a filesystem mounted read-write? Why do we need cups running without any printers attached? And if you do have a printer, why do you need it before your network is up? When is an appropriate time to start system services?

This talk seeks to address some of these questions for the general purpose desktop or laptop machine.


  • kyle mcmartin

    red hat


    Kyle works on Fedora and the kernel for Red Hat from his home in Ottawa, Canada. He enjoys beer and dislikes writing in the third person.

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