Re-plugging the Modern Desktop

Scheduled: Friday, September 25, 2009 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in Salon AB


A walk through the pieces of a modern Linux desktop, which manage the hardware that is coming and going and failing.


Showing in detail the flow of actions from the kernel up into the end user applications and back. Major changes happened recently to the entire device handling stack. Abstractions of abstractions which didn’t work out got removed from the system. HAL is no longer part of the game and replaced by the kernel, udev, DeviceKit and ConsoleKit. The basic idea stays the same, but the cake is cut into different pieces, and this is what will be explained here.


kernel, udev, DeviceKit, ConsoleKit, HAL


  • Kay


    Kay is working most of its time on linux-hotplug related topics, maintains udev, and hacks on the device management code in the kernel, and a bunch of hotplug related userspace projects.

  • Davidz


    David works primarily on integration of the core OS with the Desktop. He maintains several projects including PolicyKit, DeviceKit, HAL, and hacks on a bunch of related projects like D-Bus, and the GNOME desktop.

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