Converged Networking in the Data Center



The networking world in Linux has undergone some significant changes in the past two years. With the expansion of multiqueue networking, coupled with the growing abundance of multi-core computers with 10 Gigabit ethernet, the concept of efficiently converging different network flows becomes a real possibility.


Using the IEEE 802.1Qaz Priority Grouping and Data Center Bridging concepts to group multiple traffic flows, this talk will demonstrate how different types of traffic, such as storage and LAN traffic, can efficiently coexist on the same physical connection. With the support of multi-core systems and MSI-X, these different traffic flows can achieve latency and throughput comparable to the same traffic types’ specialized adapters.


  • Biography

    Peter (PJ) is a software engineer in the LAN Access Division at Intel. He is responsible for supporting the new technologies in Intel’s next generation LAN products both in silicon and updating the Linux kernel. He is the primary maintainer for the ixgbe driver, Intel’s 10 GbE PCI Express driver. His contributions include the original Tx multiqueue networking API, updates to the packet socket allowing channel bonding to work with layer 2 protocols on individual adapters, multiple fixes to the MSI-X interrupt layer, and native Data Center Bridging support in the network stack.

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