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e-Paper Development, Progress and Problems


Over the last year, there have been a lot of improvements to the hardware side of e-paper. Among these have been improvements to display rate, support for color, and excitingly: flexible displays. It has been challenging for software to keep up with these capabilities. Some progress has been made: a driver for E-Ink’s broadsheet controller (via 2.6.30) and kmalloc-ed fb support for defio (thanks to Magnus Damm). Early implementations of damage support (allows fbdev drivers to receive clip information from Xfbdev/etc), bitmap based dirty fb page tracking and other improvements have also been posted. Work is ongoing to support features such as video rate waveforms, and display slot management. This presentation will provide an overview of the changes to the hardware and software since last year, ideas for better support, the unsolved problems, and demonstrations of these devices. This presentation may be of interest to memory management, fbdev and userspace windowing/input developers.


linux, e-paper


  • Jaya Kumar

    Independent Developer


    Jaya Kumar enjoys hacking on embedded systems and other fun things. He also likes writing about technology and has contributed articles to LWN and Linux Journal on E-Paper technologies. He is the author of the fbdev deferred IO framework, the E-Ink display controller drivers, various other drivers in the Linux kernel, and a DMC9000 input driver in Xorg. He has a deep interest in E-Paper technology and also the use of free and open source technologies in India and other developing countries.

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