Practical Experiences from Using PulseAudio in Embedded Handheld Devices

Scheduled: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 from Noon – 12:45pm in Salon D


This presentation gives an example how to integrate complex audio enhancement algorithms like acoustic echo canceler to Pulseaudio and how to implement really low audio latency applications as PA modules.


Nokia announced its first Linux phone couple of weeks ago. This presentation gives a brief look to its audio architecture and Pulseaudio’s role in it. I will give an idea what is unique about the approach we took and the reasoning behind it. I also go through the biggest challenges in the implementation and try to explain some of the not so elegant hacks we needed to make to create the product.


  • Jyri Sarha



    Master of Computer Science, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland 2000

    Several embedded developer positions ranging from data communications and securiry to DSP and Audio.

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