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Linux Plumbers Conf 2009 BoFS

Proposals for this room

* Painless kernel - removing the HZ

The scheduler tick must die. The kernel has long had a “tickless” or “nohz” mechanism to shut down the timer tick when not needed, but this mechanism only works when idle, not when running. If every function currently polling from the timer tick could instead make use of an appropriate event, or just wait to get updated until the next time the kernel has work to do, the kernel could become entirely event-driven. An event-driven kernel would improve throughput by decreasing interruptions, improve latency by removing large non-preemptible regions, improve consistency by eliminating the primary source of jitter, and improve power savings by getting done and back to sleep sooner.
BoF 09/04/2009
Josh Triplett

Linux Plumbers Conf 2009

Proposals for this room

* Out of Memory - Helping applications survive the axe or report the aftermath.

The Out of Memory (OOM) killer has consistently been a hotly debated topic in Linux. Why does it kill? What is being done to improve it? What do users really need it to do?
General 06/10/2009
Dave Hansen, Balbir Singh

* Managing KVM guests with the Common Information Model (CIM)

A discussion on how to manage KVM guests using CIM.
General 06/12/2009
Kaitlin Rupert

* Nesting the virtualized world

Running KVM in KVM, Xen in KVM, Hyper-V in KVM, ...
General 06/17/2009
Alexander Graf, Joerg Roedel