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Capacity: 160

Linux Plumbers Conf 2009 BoFS

Proposals for this room

* Real Time Linux

Real Time Linux (and Raz Ben Yehuda's Offline Scheduler)
BoF 08/11/2009
Nivedita Singhvi, raz ben yehuda

* Checkpoint/Restart BOF

Discuss design and plans for the ongoing implementation of Checkpoint/Restart in mainline linux
BoF 09/15/2009
Sukadev Bhattiprolu

* Issues with Linux and large NUMA/COMA factor architectures

This is a large SMP BoF where the speaker/moderator will be presenting his experience with performance issues and solutions employed on ScaleMP vSMP Foundation based large SMP/NUMA systems. These issues are relevant to other large SMP/NUMA architectures as well.
BoF 08/11/2009
Ravikiran Thirumalai

Linux Plumbers Conf 2009

Proposals for this room

* Threaded interrupt handlers

State of threaded interrupt handlers in mainline. What is there and what needs to be dome.
Real Time 06/14/2009
Thomas Gleixner

* The state of preempt-rt

Overview over the state of preempt-rt, the mainline merge status and key changes required.
Real Time 06/14/2009
Thomas Gleixner

* Running without Systems Management Interrupts

Describe the implementation, benefits and trade-offs of running without non-fatal System Management Interrupts in a Real-Time Enterprise level environment.
Real Time 06/23/2009
Keith Mannthey

* Real-Time Benchmarking - an Open, Cross-Language Micro-Benchmark Suite

Discussion on a new real-time micro-benchmark suite and how it can help real-time overcome some challenges it faces, such as making apples-to-apples comparisons with other platforms, and how various programming languages compare in the real-time arena.
Real Time 06/22/2009
Vernon Mauery

* Lazy boot

The moral of the story is, we still load too much stuff, and it takes too long to do it. Users (and developers) want time to go down, while things continue to get more complicated. How can we sort that out?
Boot and Init 06/15/2009
kyle mcmartin

* Upstart 1.0

Presenting Upstart 1.0
Boot and Init 06/16/2009
Scott James Remnant

* Dracut - a generic initramfs infrastructure

Introduction of a new initramfs generation tool, which creates a general purpose udev event based initramfs.
Boot and Init 06/16/2009
Harald Hoyer

* Power management: Communicating needs and desires

Implementing power management is the job of the kernel - however, it's userspace's job to let it know what functionality is needed. What interfaces do we need to expose, and how should userspace be making use of them?
Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces 06/05/2009
Matthew Garrett

* USB 3.0 for Linux

USB 3.0 promises a faster, more power efficient common device bus. Is Linux ready for it?
Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces 06/15/2009
Sarah Sharp

* Checkpoint/Restart in Linux mainline

Requirements and challenges in implementation of Checkpoint/ Restart in Linux mainline.
Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces 06/12/2009
Sukadev Bhattiprolu

* Embedded Linux development: a glance from inside

This talk addresses relationship between embedded developers and the Linux community
Embedded Systems 05/25/2009
Mike Rapoport

* Asymmetric Multiprocessing Issues

This talk will discuss problems faced by designers of multicore systems with multiple kernels, with an emphasis on solutions across developer communities.
Embedded Systems 06/12/2009
Hollis Blanchard

* Flattened Device Tree for all architectures

Session to discuss the work required to make the Flattened Device Tree method of describing hardware available to all architectures.
Embedded Systems 06/14/2009
Grant Likely

* Lessons Learned Designing an Open Source UMPC

The Oregon State Wireless Active Learning Device (OSWALD) is an open, fully featured Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) platform designed by and for students. Come learn about the design, the software hacks, and issues in getting Linux to run smoothly on a custom made hand-held platform.
Embedded Systems 06/15/2009
Carlos Jensen, Tim Harder, Ben Goska