Salon D

Capacity: 90

Linux Plumbers Conf 2009 BoFS

Proposals for this room

* Packaging Linux

BoF for Linux distributors involved in packaging the kernel
BoF 08/30/2009
Ben Hutchings

Linux Plumbers Conf 2009

Proposals for this room

* Origins and Futures for Linux Audio infrastructure

The Linux audio environment is a mess. Everybody who develops Linux audio software knows this; anybody who uses anything more than basic desktop playback applications (and maybe even just that) knows this too. How did things get to be this way? Can it be solved? What is required to solve it? This talk will be less of a presentation of novel technical material and will instead focus more on the differences (and similarities) between Linux, OS X and Windows and how this has affected the audio environment on each platform.
Audio 06/16/2009
Paul Davis

* State of Linux Audio in 2009

What happened in the last year in Linux audio?
Audio 06/14/2009
Lennart Poettering

* Linux audio for mobile and consumer devices: challenges and evolutions

This presentation aims at sharing lessons learned with the Linux audio stack (gstreamer, PulseAudio, ALSA) on recent consumer and mobile Intel devices.
Audio 06/12/2009
Pierre-Louis Bossart

* Practical Experiences from Using PulseAudio in Embedded Handheld Devices

This presentation gives an example how to integrate complex audio enhancement algorithms like acoustic echo canceler to Pulseaudio and how to implement really low audio latency applications as PA modules.
Audio 09/08/2009
Jyri Sarha