Submission deadline for Linux Plumbers Conference refereed track proposals extended by a week

The deadline for submitting refereed track proposals for the 2017 Linux Plumbers Conference has been extended until 13 May at 11:59PM Pacific Time.  The refereed track will have 50-minute presentations on a specific aspect of Linux “plumbing” (e.g. core libraries, media creation/playback, display managers, init systems, kernel APIs/ABIs, etc.) that are chosen by the LPC committee to be given during all three days of the conference.

Android/Mobile Microconference Accepted into Linux Plumbers Conference

Android continues to find interesting new applications and problems to
solve, both within and outside the mobile arena.  Mainlining continues
to be an area of focus, as do a number of areas of core Android
functionality, including the kernel.  Other areas where there is ongoing
work include eBPF, Lowmemory alternatives, the Android emulator, and

For the latest details, please see this microconference’s wiki page

We hope to see you there!

Registration for Linux Plumbers Conference is Now Open

The 2017 Linux Plumbers Conference organizing committee is pleased to announce that the registration for this year’s conference is now open. Information on how to register can be found here. Registration prices and cutoff dates are published in the ATTEND page. A reminder that we are following a quota system to release registration slots. Therefore the early registration rate will remain in effect until early registration closes on June 18 2017, or the quota limit (150) is reached, whatever comes earlier. As usual, contact us if you have questions.

Linux Plumbers Conference Call for Refereed Presentations

We are pleased to announce the Call for Refereed Presentation
Proposals for the 2017 edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference, which
will be held in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 13-15 September in conjunction
with The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit.

Refereed Presentations are 45 minutes in length and should focus on a
specific aspect of the “plumbing” in the Linux system. Examples of
Linux plumbing include core kernel subsystems, core libraries,
windowing systems, management tools, device support, media
creation/playback, and so on. The best presentations are not about
finished work, but rather problems, proposals, or proof-of-concept
solutions that require face-to-face discussions and debate.

Following the feedback from 2016, we’re keeping the Refereed
Presentations track running throughout the three days of the
conference.  This track will be held jointly with the Open Source
Summit on Wednesday 13 September.

Linux Plumbers Conference Program Committee members will be reviewing
all submitted proposals.  High-quality submissions that cannot be
accepted due to the limited number of slots will be forwarded to both
the Open Source Summit and the Microconference leads for further

To submit a Refereed Presentation proposal follow the instructions at

Submissions are due on or before Saturday 6 May, 2017 at 11:59PM
Pacific Time.

Finally, please note we are still accepting Microconference submissions

Call for Microconferences

We are pleased to announce the Call for Microconferences for the 2017
edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference, which will be held in Los
Angeles, CA on 13-15 September co-located with the Linux Foundation
Open Source Summit.

A microconference is a collection of collaborative sessions focused on
problems in a particular area of the Linux plumbing, which includes the
kernel, libraries, utilities, UI, and so forth, but can also focus on
cross-cutting concerns such as security, scaling, energy efficiency, or
a particular use case. Good microconferences result in solutions to
these problems and concerns, while the best microconferences result in
patches that implement those solutions. For more information on
submitting a microconference proposal, see

Of course, there is more to Plumbers than microconferences, so look for
upcoming calls for refereed-track presentations, BoFs, hackfests, and
lightning talks. We hope to see you in Los Angeles this September

Input for LPC 2017 – feedback from last year

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey after Linux Plumbers in 2016, we had 159 responses to it which, given the total number of conference participants of around 450, has provided confidence in the feedback trends.

Overall – 93% of respondents were positive about the event, despite our wireless woes this year. Co-locating with Kernel Summit was perceived by about ⅔ as helpful/very helpful, and this was echoed in the write in comments, as well as the fact that 81% felt that the discussions at the event were helpful/very helpful in resolving problems. 60% felt that the size of the conference was about right, with 26% wanting a few more able to attend.

Communication – feedback was positive with >80% either neutral or positive about the level of communication from the committee (we didn’t spam you too much), and you were able to find the talks you wanted to attend. The authors and miniconf leads that responded, followed the trend. In the comments there were some specific suggestions for improvements though, that will be considered.

Venue – While we can’t change 2017 event venue now, based on the fact that 56% would prefer being in an interesting location in future, we’ll factor that into the search for 2018. We got power plug access right, but had problems with wireless due to the SYN flood attack on the ISP, which has pointed out that we can’t always depend on the internet service of the venue. We’ll be adding an evaluation of the wireless to the site preview in future. The catering and use of meal cards had >90% neutral to very positive response.

Events – The Opening and Closing Plenaries were generally well received. Some individuals didn’t find the lightening summaries at the closing that useful, but overall the survey feedback for those responding was either neutral or positive ( less than 5% negative). There were several compliments that came through on our evening events, and again the overall feedback provided was very positive.

Location – 78% liked the fact we were in Santa Fe. There were some written comments expressing concern on transportation to get there, however once there the venue proved popular. 75% found the negotiated rates at the hotels were helpful as well.

Sessions – Of the sessions, the hallway track continues to remain the most popular and well attended. There was a very positive response to most of the miniconf and talks with less than 5% considering a session not relevant in each case. The refereed track running in parallel was popular. The joint kernel/plumbers workshops look like they need some refinement in the planning, based on the comments. Keeping the focus on solving problems rather than presenting status is something we should continue to emphasize for next year.

There were lots of great suggestions in the “what one thing would you like to see changed”, and the program committee will be studying them to see what is possible to implement this year. Thank you again to the participants for their input and help on making the Linux Plumbers Conference better in 2017 and the future.