Marcel Apfelbaum


I am part of Red Hat Virtualization team for about 4 years. My main focus is on QEMU’s infrastructure and PCI subsystem, co-maintaining the ‘pci’ and ‘machine-core’ sub-trees. Projects I worked on include QemuMachine conversion to QOM, PCI/PCI Express native hot-plug, Multiple PCI root bridges with NUMA support, Multiple Root complexes. Lately I am involved in bringing Q35 machine to enterprise level.

Proposals for this user

* Paravirtual RDMA device

QEMU's limited RDMA support leaves it behind other modern hypervisors. Marcel and/or Yuval will present the implementation of an emulated RDMA device, analyze its performance and usability, and finally talk about future plans for a possible virtio-rdma device. (slides)
RDMA 08/15/2017
Marcel Apfelbaum, Yuval Shaia