Rob Lyerly

Rob Lyerly

Virginia Tech


I am an enthusiastic and hardworking student who is constantly exploring new technologies in computer engineering & science. While I have many broad interests in computing, my heart lies at the intersection of hardware and software – namely Computer Systems and Systems Software, ranging from operating systems & runtimes to compilers & heterogeneous architectures. I am currently working towards earning my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Proposals for this user

* Popcorn Linux: Compiler, Operating System and Virtualization Support for Application/Thread Migration in Heterogeneous ISA Environments

This talk will present the Popcorn Linux infrastructure, composed of compiler/operating system/virtualization support to enable application and thread migration across cores or machines of different Instruction-Set-Architecture.
Checkpoint-Restart 08/06/2017
Pierre Olivier, Sang-Hoon Kim, Rob Lyerly