Pantelis Antoniou

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Pantelis Antoniou

Konsulko Group


Pantelis Antoniou has been an active Linux kernel developer for more than 16 years, working for companies like Texas Instruments, Mentor Graphics and NVIDIA. He is a founder and senior staff software architect at Konsulko Group. Having brought many Linux based products to market, at Konsulko Group he gets to make Linux play nice with cars. He has already been a speaker at a number of previous ELC’s. His current interests are planting Device Trees on everything, hypervisors, and next generation networking.

Proposals for this user

* uNet: Implementation of a modern network protocol

uNet's implementation required a novel approach to how a networking protocol interfaces with the kernel, userspace applications and configuration utilities.
Refereed Presentations 05/06/2017
Pantelis Antoniou