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Philip is a platform architect in Intel’s platform security division working to enable use of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and SGX in open source. Recently Phil has taken over maintainership of Intel’s implementation of the TPM2 software stack and has been obsessing over system integrity and measurement architectures for years. In his spare time he maintains the meta-measured Open Embedded meta layer where he brings together the various integrity measurement components from TPM2 to Grub2 SRTM all the way up to the userspace infrastructure. Additionally he’s a periodic contributor to meta-selinux and the OpenXT project.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2017

Proposals for this user

* TPM2 Software Stack: Status Report and Future Work

TPM2 Software Stack: Retrospective and Future Work (slides)
Trusted Platform Module 09/08/2017
philip tricca, Jarkko Sakkinen

Linux Plumbers Conference 2017 Refereed Talks

Proposals for this user

* TPM software stack status: device driver to event driven applications

In this talk Jarkko Sakkinen & Philip Tricca give overview and status report on current TPM2 software stack development from kernel to user space applications.
Refereed Presentations 05/05/2017
philip tricca