Vitaly Wool

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Vitaly Wool, Senior Developer and just Linux enthusiast, graduated M.Sc. in Computer Science from St. Petersburg State Univ. in 2002, worked for starters with real-time OSes as VxWorks and RTEMS and mostly for PowerPC platforms. Vitaly moved to Moscow in 2003 where he started to work on embedded Linux projects for different platforms and architectures and for a variety of companies including MontaVista and Mentor Graphics.. Now he works as a consultant/Linux expert for different companies in the Nordic and Baltic regions, primarily helping out Sony Mobile resolve power and performance issues.

Proposals for this user

* Using z3fold and its elder brothers in high performance systems

In-depth comparison of kernel allocators for compressed pages in high load conditions, with some extra attention on z3fold and its optimizations.
Refereed Presentations 05/04/2017
Vitaly Wool