Guy Shattah

Guy Shattah



Guy Shattah is a veteran engineer/inventor with expertise in multi-threaded, distributed development of mission critical real-time systems with a focus on storage, networking, security systems and more. In some of these areas, He holds a patent. As a Senior Software Architect in the Hosts Architecture group at Mellanox Technologies, He is responsible for optimizing and accelerating user space and kernel space software over Ethernet and InfiniBand. For two years He lectured at Ben-Gurion University. System programming courses included such topics as Architecture and Assembly Programming, C Programming for Engineers. He has also presented talks at IEEE SMC 2006 and C++NOW 2015.

Proposals for this user

* User space contiguous memory allocation for DMA

A discussion of approaches to obtain contiguous memory in user space for DMA including a POSIX conformant mmap API (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/04/2017
Guy Shattah, Christoph Lameter