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Darren is a Director and Open Source Architect at the VMware Open Source Technology Center. He is the Linux kernel maintainer for x86 platform drivers. He previously, at Intel, served as the MinnowBoard program architect, providing technical technical direction to the original MinnowBoard, MAX, and Turbot boards. As the Yocto Project BSP technical lead, he redesigned the BSPs for Intel processors and wrote the manual for Yocto Project kernel development. Prior to Intel, at IBM, Darren led the Real-Time Linux development team where he focused on real-time scheduling and IPC mechanisms. Darren is a well known speaker at open source conferences on topics including PREEMPT_RT, Embedded Linux, Platform Enabling, Functional Safety, and Open Source development methodologies.

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* Real-Time Linux Users Discussion

Open discussion with Real-Time Linux users, developers, and the stable RT maintainer.
BoFs 05/01/2017
Darren Hart, Steven Rostedt