Anshuman Khandual


Anshuman Khandual

IBM India Private Limited


I am a kernel development engineer at Linux Technology Centre (IBM India Pvt Ltd). Currently working on present and future Open POWER technology and platform enablement on Linux. At present working on coherent device memory representation in the kernel.

My key focus areas include memory management, perf, transactional memory and platform enablement.

Previously worked as kernel validation engineer during POWER8 development period focusing primarily on perf and performance monitoring unit (PMU) technology enablement. Worked as a memory RAS validation engineer during POWER7 development period.

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Redesigning the memory NUMA abstraction taking into account new memory technologies where inter node distance will no longer be the only deciding factor for memory allocation and placement. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/25/2017
Anshuman Khandual