Marian Marinov


Marian Marinov



Marian is the Chief System Architec of SiteGround and the head of the DevOps department.

He has started as a system administrator in 1997 in his home town. Since then he fell in love with the Free and Open Source Software and gradually converted to a system architect.

Currently he is teaching Network Security and Linux System Administration in the Sofia University(Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics) and in SoftUni.
He is also organizing the biggest FOSS conference in Bulgaria – OpenFest.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2017 BoF Sessions

Proposals for this user

* Move your routing inside container

You will learn about the benefits of moving all your routing from the host machine to a container running on the host.
BoFs 04/12/2017
Marian Marinov

Linux Plumbers Conference 2017 Refereed Talks

Proposals for this user

* The challenges of running VPNs inside containers

Tunnels are not so easily shared between network namespaces...
Refereed Presentations 04/12/2017
Marian Marinov