Edin Hodzic

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Edin Hodzic

Concisoft LLC


Edin Hodzic works as an independent software consultant under the name
of Concisoft llc. Edin is involved in complex software projects often
integrating large subsystems from several vendors into a single
software system, in the domain of audio/video media processing. Edin
previously worked at Ready Systems, Microtec Research, AT&T Labs,
TiVo, C2 Microsystems, and VUDU. Recent consulting client companies
include Intertrust Technologies, Harmonic, and Apton Biosystems. Edin
taught Parallel Programming, a graduate course at Santa Clara
University, between 2008/09 and 2012/13.

Proposals for this user

* A Practical Method for Safe Linking

A method for capturing the interface signature and checking for consistency of all interfaces at link time ultimately preventing execution of incoherent binaries (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/08/2017
Edin Hodzic