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* Evangelizing Kernel Programming to Students and New Developers

Create a community that provides students and new developers the necessary tools and opportunities to write kernel patches that get accepted upstream.
BoFs 08/17/2017
Matthew Whitehead, PJ Waskiewicz

* NVMe Surprise Removal

A discussion on the challenges, stack plumbing required to support NVMe Surprise removal
BoFs 05/13/2017
Shyamkumar Iyer, Austin Bolen

* Overview and Feedback of ARM EBBR

Overview and feedback session on ARM Embedded Base Boot Requirements (EBBR)
BoFs 08/09/2017
Grant Likely

* Real-Time Linux Users Discussion

Open discussion with Real-Time Linux users, developers, and the stable RT maintainer.
BoFs 05/01/2017
Darren Hart, Steven Rostedt