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* Defensively designed container runtimes

In this talk we will present current roadblocks to a more defensive design that affect all container runtimes.
Containers 07/10/2017
Christian Brauner, Aleksa Sarai

* Exposing resource limits to containers with LXCFS

Introduction to the problem of cgroup limits visibility to userspace and the approach taken by LXCFS. (slides)
Containers 08/16/2017
Serge Hallyn

* Memory tracking for iterative container migration

Discuss usage of userfaultfd-WP for iterative container migration (slides)
Checkpoint-Restart 08/14/2017
Mike Rapoport

* Namespaced file capabilities update

Why can't containers use file capabilities yet
Containers 08/15/2017
Serge Hallyn

* Namespacing and Stacking the LSM

Making Linux Security Modules available to containers. (slides)
Containers 08/25/2017
John Johansen, Casey Schaufler