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Linux Plumbers Conference 2017

Favorite proposals for this user

* Improving JVM Application Migration and Profiling with Checkpoint/Restore

Improving JVM migration and profiling by comibing C/R with internal JVM knowledge/techniques. (slides)
Checkpoint-Restart 08/16/2017
Rodrigo Bruno

* Memory tracking for iterative container migration

Discuss usage of userfaultfd-WP for iterative container migration (slides)
Checkpoint-Restart 08/14/2017
Mike Rapoport

* Opened questions about container live-migration

How to integrate P.Haul with Docker and how to fix criu pre-dump. (slides)
Checkpoint-Restart 08/20/2017
Andrei Vagin

* Popcorn Linux: Compiler, Operating System and Virtualization Support for Application/Thread Migration in Heterogeneous ISA Environments

This talk will present the Popcorn Linux infrastructure, composed of compiler/operating system/virtualization support to enable application and thread migration across cores or machines of different Instruction-Set-Architecture.
Checkpoint-Restart 08/06/2017
Pierre Olivier, Sang-Hoon Kim, Rob Lyerly

* Towards perfect testing of applications checkpoint-restore

The talk is about our experience at CRIU with testing C/R technology.
Checkpoint-Restart 08/21/2017
Pavel Emelyanov

Linux Plumbers Conference 2017 Refereed Talks

Favorite proposals for this user

* userfaultfd: post-copy VM migration and beyond

userfaultfd: current features and limitations and future development (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/13/2017
Mike Rapoport