Dinesh Subhraveti



Dinesh is the CTO and cofounder at AppOrbit. He developed the core principles that underlie the container abstraction as a part of his Ph.D. Published at OSDI conference in 2002, his work showed for the first time that enterprise applications could be live-migrated using that abstraction. Based on his original implementation, he drove the development of the industry’s first container live-migration product at Meiosys, the company behind LXC that IBM acquired in 2005. Dinesh authored numerous research papers on containers, checkpoint-restart and record-replay. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Columbia University.

Proposals for this user

* AppSwitch: Application Level Network Namespacing

This talk presents AppSwitch, a completely new TCP-layer network element similar to a router at IP layer or a bridge at link layer, that addresses a number of issues in modern environments, especially ones based on microservices.
Containers 08/14/2017
Dinesh Subhraveti