Shaohua Li


Shaohua Li is a Linux kernel developer since 2003. He currently works for Facebook and is the maintainer of Software RAID. His contribution covers different Linux kernel subsystems from x86, IOMMU, storage to memory management. He is interesting in high speed storage support, optimization and adoption.

Linux Plumbers Conference 2017 BoF Sessions

Proposals for this user

* MD raid general discussion

In the last years, there are many development activities in md raid, we need to sit together to discuss development road map, kernel and user space tool collaboration, and how to work with development of other subsystems. It is also open to other developers to join, all constructive comments are warmly welcome.
BoFs 07/11/2017
Coly Li, Shaohua Li, Jes Sorensen, Guoqing Jiang

Linux Plumbers Conference 2017 Refereed Talks

Proposals for this user

* Compress data to further exploit flash storage

Transparently storing compressed data on fast persistent storage like SSD and NVMe not only extends life and increases capacity of the device, it also significantly enhances I/O performance as seen by our exciting results.
Refereed Presentations 05/05/2017
Ram Pai, Shaohua Li