Jes Sorensen

Jes Sorensen

Red Hat


Jes Sorensen is a veteran Linux kernel developer since 1993. He has worked extensively in and around the Linux kernel; including areas such as Virtualization, high speed networking, and Linux/ia64. He has written more device drivers than he can remember as well as worked on the system libraries (glibc) and Virtualization for high end NUMA systems. Most recently he has been working on KVM/QEMU scalability and live snapshot support. Jes has been a frequent speaker and tutorial instructor at various Open Source related conferences. Today Jes works as a Principal Software Engineer for Red Hat Inc. (, as part of the Red Hat Virtualization team. Prior to Red Hat, Jes has worked for Silicon Graphics, Wild Open Source, Linuxcare and the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (

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* MD raid general discussion

In the last years, there are many development activities in md raid, we need to sit together to discuss development road map, kernel and user space tool collaboration, and how to work with development of other subsystems. It is also open to other developers to join, all constructive comments are warmly welcome.
BoFs 07/11/2017
Coly Li, Shaohua Li, Jes Sorensen, Guoqing Jiang