Testing Android common and LTS kernels

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One Line Summary

A quick overview of Android common and LTS testing efforts.


In this session Marissa will talk about the test coverage of vanilla Android common kernels, their plan to catch regressions with each new patch before it can be merged.

Amit will provide a quick overview of linux kernel functional testing efforts at Linaro, test suites (LTP, kselftests, hugetlbfs, Android VTS etc) currently deployed in the lab, pain points, future plans and how can you join/help.

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  • Amitpundir4

    Amit Pundir



    Android Engineer at Linaro. AOSP contributor.

    Maintain Android kernel topic branches for linaro-stable and mainline tracking tree at Linaro. Contributing to Stable kernels lately.

    Previously worked on Indian language computing projects, and also did fair bit of GUI development (Clutter/Qt) on OMAP3/Beagle-family boards.

  • Marissa Wall



    Marissa Wall is a software engineer on the Android systems team at Google. She recently joined the team and began working on Android display.