Clang built kernels

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One Line Summary

A talk on compiling the Linux kernel with Clang/LLVM.


In 2017 we started recommending to Android vendors and OEMs that we’d like to transition Android’s toolchain to be entirely Clang/LLVM based. We plan to hold a discussion on what this means and looks like for building the Linux kernel. Our patch-set, common issues, and benefits will be reviewed.


linux, kernel, LLVM, Clang, toolchain, compile

Presentation Materials



  • Nick


    Nick Desaulniers is a software engineer at Google working on the next generation of Nexus devices. Nick previously worked at Mozilla.

    Contributing to Open Source software and an accessible Internet for all are some of the things that Nick is most passionate about.

  • Greg Hackmann



    Greg Hackmann is a software engineer on the Android systems team at Google. Since joining Google in 2012, his work has focused on Linux kernel support for display hardware.

    Greg earned a PhD in computer science from Washington University in St. Louis.