PCI Endpoint Subsystem Status

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One Line Summary

Status update on the PCI Endpoint Framework and next set of challenges


The PCI Endpoint Subsystem can now be used to validate PCI Endpoint Controller in a linux environment. The talk aims to start the discussion on the following challenges:

  • The PCI Endpoint controller can be configured to work as different Endpoint Functions. In such case what is the best way to get device ID (since getting a device id for all possible use cases might not be possible)?
  • The PCI Endpoint Subsystem for programming NVM controller
  • Overlaps with NTB framework and possible unification strategies


nvm, PCIe, PCI Endpoint

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  • Biography

    Kishon is an active contributor to the Linux Kernel since 2010, developing and up-streaming linux device drivers for various TI platforms. He has worked in USB, PCI and MMC subsystems in Linux Kernel. He maintains the Generic PHY Subsystem and PCIe Endpoint Subsystem.
    His previous talking experience includes presenting paper on “USB Debugging and Profiling Techniques” in ELCE 2012 and “Generic PHY Framework: An Overview” in ELCE 2014, “Generic PHY Framework” in ELCUS 2015 and “overview of pci(e) subsystem” in ELCE 2015.