schedutil usage/aggregation of utilization signals

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schedutil usage/aggregation of utilization signals


How do we aggregate utilization signals coming from different scheduling classes?
Do we need an additional rt_rq/rt_se signal?


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    Juri Lelli

    ARM Ltd.


    Juri Lelli is a Staff Software Engineer at ARM Ltd. working on the Linux scheduler, with a particular focus on energy aware scheduling (EAS) and power management. He is also primarily involved in landing such upstream technologies on Android and ChromeOS platforms.

    He is among the original authors of the SCHED_DEADLINE scheduling policy in Linux, and he is actively helping maintaining it.

    He has a PhD degree from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, Italy (ReTiS Lab). His research area covered Real-Time systems, Real-Time Operating systems and Scheduling algorithms.