Update on CPU cluster idling

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One Line Summary

Update on CPU cluster idling


The current cpuidle framework doesn’t scale for modern ARM32/ARM64 multi-cluster SMP systems and for heterogeneous systems like big.LITTLE. In the CPU cluster idling patchset, which has evolved through several iterations by now, these issues are being addressed.

Unfortunately the progress has moved slowly forward since last LPC. However this session gives an update on the how far we have come and what to expect next.


  • Ulfhansson

    Ulf Hansson



    Ulf has a long experience of using Linux and has been contributing the Linux kernel development for many years.

    He is the maintainer of the MMC subsystem and specialized on power management frameworks in the Linux kernel.

    Additionally Ulf has a background in real-time and embedded systems and he holds in-depth knowledge about flash memory technologies, such as NAND and NOR.

    Currently he is working for Linaro, specializing in power management.