vSVM: IOMMU API extensions

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One Line Summary

Discuss IOMMU changes needed for supporting guest use of shared virtual memory (SVM)


This topic is part of the vSVM discussion, which brings new requirements to the IOMMU subsystem. The proposed extensions are as follows:
- bind guest PASID table
- passdown guest vIOMMU invalidation of various caching structures
- device and IOMMU fault propagation/response between host physical IOMMU and guest or other in-kernel users
We would like to discuss interfaces which needs to scale among vendors and future extensions.


virtualization, VFIO, IOMMU

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  • Biography

    Jacob is a Linux kernel developer at Intel since 2005. He worked on PowerPC at Freescale prior to joining Intel.

    Jacob has worked in many areas around kernel, including arch/x86, device drivers (USB, I2C, PMIC, sensors, timers). His recent interest and work is on power management, scheduler, IOMMU.