vSVM: High Level Component Breakdown and Technical Challenges

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One Line Summary

Review vSVM requirements, use cases and technical challenges


Exposing SVM capable devices to VM’s require virtual IOMMU exposed in the VMcareful thought into specific use cases and the different component’s involved interact with each other. The goal of this topic is to introduce the different components involved, expected use cases for vSVM and top technical challenges. Expect the discussion to set direction for future work to solve some of the top issues and facilitate discussion for subsequent topics in the agenda.



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  • Biography

    A software engineer from Intel OTC, focusing on IOMMU related I/O virtualization technology.

  • Biography

    Jacob is a Linux kernel developer at Intel since 2005. He worked on PowerPC at Freescale prior to joining Intel.

    Jacob has worked in many areas around kernel, including arch/x86, device drivers (USB, I2C, PMIC, sensors, timers). His recent interest and work is on power management, scheduler, IOMMU.

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    Ashok has over 20 years of experience in system software from proprietary UNIX and Linux. Ashok was one of the early developers involved in bringing CPU hotplug to Linux. Ashok was also the lead developer bringing Intel VT-D a.k.a IOMMU to Linux. Ashok also worked on Machine Check Architecture for Intel processors and drove features like Local Machine Check in products. Ashok is currently oversees PCIe, IOMMU efforts from Intel.