kABI Update

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One Line Summary

Going forward with a flexible and secure RDMA kABI


The RDMA subsystem provides high performance networking by direct user-level access to HW. RDMA hardware typically relies on the kernel to securely setup resources, while the data path is executed in user-space only. Setting up resources usually consists of creating and mapping them to the user-space. Currently, this is done using more than forty detailed API calls, multiplexed over a single write() system call.

The RDMA subsystem is evolving with new features and fabrics. In order to make RDMA the de facto standard for direct access user-space networking, the kABI should be secured and easily extensible while maintaining its high performance nature.
We propose a new flexible and secure RDMA kABI, based on the ioctl() interface. The new ABI is based on object oriented approach and allows drivers to extend the common system with new objects, methods and attributes, maintaining compatibility with the current user-space drivers.


ABI, rdma


  • Matan Barak

    Mellanox Technologied LTD


    Matan Barak is a senior architect at Mellanox Technologies since 2014. During his years at Mellanox he has participated in developing the ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-4 linux drivers. He was also heavily involved in RoCE v2 development. Prior to joining Mellanox, Matan was a software engineer in Taykey and MTeye security. Matan holds a B.S.c. degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.