Memory tracking for iterative container migration

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One Line Summary

Discuss usage of userfaultfd-WP for iterative container migration


Iterative migration of containers requires ability to track changes in the process memory in order to transfer only pages that were changed between the iterations.

Currently the only mechanism available for process/container memory tracking is soft-dirty. It has problems and limitations that (hopefully) may be resolved with userfaultfd-WP.

This discussion is intended for to identify what is needed to use userfaultfd-WP for memory tracking in the iterative migration use-case, both on the kernel and the user-land sides.

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  • Biography

    Mike hacks on Linux kernel for over a decade. He has added his 2 cents to the mess in arch/arm, contributed to several device drivers and now he is focused on userfaultfd and CRIU.
    Mike’s current position is a researcher at IBM.