Targetted CPU thermal throttling

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One Line Summary

Discussion on throttling only processes, which are causing thermal issues


The current CPU thermal throttling mechanism involves either changing CPU frequency or power limits. But all of these methods penalize every process in the system, which results in poor user experience in a thermally constrained system. For example once CPU is forced to lowest frequency, this is possible that touch screen becomes less responsive and graphics updates become slower. Just with simple heuristics with a test patch, I can see that usability can be improved.
With higher thermal design power in a small form factor devices, this problem will be more noticeable. So I want to start a general discussion on this topic.


  • Biography

    Srinivas works at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. He is a kernel maintainer and active contributor for performance, thermal, Linux IIO, HID discrete and integrated sensor hub drivers. Also he is developer and maintainer of Linux Thermal Daemon, which is default thermal solution used on several Linux platforms.